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"You have to take things as they are, not how you hear they’re supposed to be."

Stevie Bell is the protagonist of the Truly Devious series.


Stevie questions her place among the smart and extremely talented members of Ellingham Academy, but she truly holds her rank among them in wit and knowledge of her unique interest: criminology and the Ellingham Case. She is a crime buff and has a knack and passion for finding the answers. Like any good detective, Stevie is relentless in her search. Oh and, she also loves moose. 

Stevie is brave, but also cautious. She struggles with anxiety and has medication for it. She doesn't like stepping on people's toes, but will speak up for what she believes in and isn't afraid to say the facts. 

Physical Description[]

She has dusty blond hair that is cut short and that she often styles herself.

Stevie dresses casually, with little consideration for fashion. Most of her clothes are either black or grey. She often wears some of the clothes provided by Ellingham Academy. Her one exception to fashion is a red vinyl raincoat. 

Ellingham Academy[]

In the beginning of Truly Devious, Stevie arrives at Ellingham Academy. She was accepted at the school after writing a passionate application essay on the Ellingham Case, not really expecting to get in. She is at the school to study crime and solve the case. Her staff advisor is Dr. Scott. She was placed in the Minerva House where she meets Pix, Ellie, Nate, Hayes, Janelle, and David. At the end of the book, Stevie solves both the Ellingham kidnapping, and Call Me Charles secret.


Stevie is from Pittsburgh, where she lived with her two parents before going to Ellingham Academy. Stevie struggles to find common ground with her parents and their vastly different political views. Both her mom and dad work for Edward King, a conservative political power that Stevie very much despises. Because of the tension between what Stevie believes and her conservative parents, Ellingham was an escape for her from them and her monotonous everyday lifestyle. 


  • It is mentioned in the first book that she was interested in law enforcement and being involved in the FBI
  • She learned how to pick locks from YouTube